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Mobile Phones


We have teamed up with The Mobile Phone Recycling Appeal to raise funds by recycling old mobile phones and accessories, and printer and toner cartridges. Please support us by saving your

old office waste for recycling. ( Please note we are unable to accept Epson Ink Jet Cartridges).


Why recycle you old phones ?


1. Binned mobile phones end up in landfill sites, where corrosion to their batteries causes

    dangerous and toxic cadmium to leak out into the surrounding soil.


2. It takes more than 1.5 pints of oil to make a new toner cartridge.


3. Recycling mobiles and printer and toner cartridges helps the environment.


4. Recycling through the Recycling Appeal raises cash for our work.


5. Developing countries with no landline infrastructure rely on mobile phones for vital communication.    

    The Appeal's recycled mobile phones are sent to developing countries.


6. Phones that are unsuitable for recycling are disposed of safely, without harm to the environment.



How can I recycle them ?


1. Take your old mobile phone to your nearest Salvation Army Charity Shop.


2. If you have 10 or more and live in the greater Bristol Area telephone 0117 924 5018 for collection.


3. Telephone 0117 924 5018 and request a freepost envelope.