Community and Charity Shops in Bristol

 A Christian Church

and Registered Charity

 No 214779 and in Scotland SC009359

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Charity and Community

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Clothing and Textiles

We are able accept any clothing or textile  tems. These may be donated directly to our charity shops over the counter.


A direct donation of one bag of clothing over the counter to a local charity shop yeilds a significanlty larger donation (approximately £12-£15) to the charity than through the use of many clothing banks, (approximately 60p) where most textiles are either sold overseas or recyled.


Salvation Army Clothing banks around the UK are operated by SATCoL (The Salvation Army Trading Comany Ltd).  The Salvation Army in Bristol has no access to these banks but clothing donated via them does support the wider work of The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom. Please contact SATCoL direct  for more information.


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